Hey there! I'm Mihir, and I love all things tech. This site is a showcase of everything I've ever worked on.

reach out at [mihir@pidgon.com] [/mihirmaroju][/mikidoodle]

Stuff on this site:


Here are all the projects I've worked on. I've tried to include everything I've done, but I'm sure I've missed a few things. I'll update this page as I remember more things to add.

    [Schoolthing] is a startup I founded with a few of my friends, and is the world's first social learning platform, where students can help their Community, earn points and elevate their study game. I built it on Next.js, Node.js and Postgres. It supports note-sharing and image uploads, note purchasing, points transferring, an ML-powered recommendation engine and a Twitter-style feed to interact with fellow students.
    It's open-source now! Check it out: [teamschoolthing/schoolthing.org]

  • [PidgonMoney], a toy cryptocurrency I built for my cousins to send "coins" to each other. I developed a protocol that authenticates transactions, ratelimits users, and even a feature to mine coins. This was one of my first projects, and was built with Node.js, EJS, Postgres and Express.

  • [archived] PidgonScript, a wrapper I built for JavaScript which was my first attempt at making code more "English-like" and easier to read. It was built with Node.js and at it's peak had over 1,000,000 average weekly downloads.

  • [Robin], my second attempt at creating an English-like programming language. It was built with JavaScript, used some elements of PidgonScript and had a custom parser and interpreter.

  • [Shortlink], an open-source one file URL shortener I built with Express and HTML.

  • [the ausum math quiz], a 2-hour project I built during a hackathon. It's a math quiz that generates random questions and keeps track of your score. It was built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • [Wafflecream], a one person game site I started in 2019. It's a collection of some random (really bad) games I made when I was younger.

  • Check out my [resume]