Ferry from singapore to batam

The largest island in Indonesia happens to be our topic of interest, Bintan. The community of people, which is around 2 lakhs has a greater percentage of Muslims, residing in Bintan. From Singapore, it will take you less than an hour to reach this beautiful place via a ferry ride. Beautiful is not sufficient to justify Bintan’s capacity to enchant tourists.

This is mainly because of the array of islands that form the main reason of attraction for people of Singapore to come over here. The list of things you can do once you are in Bintan is not less; it varies from nature tours to lavish dining, beach activities to golfing, shopping, air activities and what not. It is the ferry route that makes its way from the bintan to tanah merah ferry terminal, as a result of which, thankfully, connection is no more a problem between Bintan and Singapore.


However, much of the appreciation currently goes to the Bintan resort ferries, which is the sole company operating the service currently. It takes close to an hour for the sail travelling to complete. In a single week the operation takes place up to 35 times usually.

Needless to say, seasonal and climatic conditions does have a role to play when it comes to factors like frequency of operations and their duration. If you have not yet grabbed your ferry from singapore to batam, pay a visit to the ferry counter present right in front of you. It has an online address as well; Easybook.com.

You will get the best options and the cheapest deals here. Add to it the fact that you can plan your trip and book your seats well in advance. A couple of other factors that you must know before you start you’re booking and planning your travel.

If you are visiting the place on a festival or occasion and that too in a group, just check beforehand and you might get to book the entire ferry for yourselves. If you wish to drink and eat within the ferry while enjoying the enchanting view, you are allowed to do so.

However, take precautionary measures so as to be safe throughout your entire journey.

The resorts that you will be staying at in Bintan does accept Singapore currencies, but there are some which make use of US Dollars as well. Being a tropical region, the usual temperature varies within 21 to 32 degrees round the year.

However, if you are visiting the place in a time from November to March, be ready to face the monsoon. Hence you should better be avoiding ferry service this time, since heavy rainfall and strong winds are expected during this time. The remaining part of the year remains sunny mostly.

Highly Recognized Historical Places to Visit in Malaysia


No doubt remains about the fact that Malaysia is comprised of many interesting places to visit during the tour. When it comes to the historical places, the question is unimaginable. Apart from sightseeing, Malaysia is known to comprise of some highly recognized historical spots of the world.

Historical Places in Malaysia

If you are a lover of History and very much excited to innovate and research more, then it is requested to visit the following places in Malaysia which may prove to be highly helpful for you:

  • The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum – The palace is situated in a place known as Melaka in Malaysia, which highly symbolizes the history associated with the Malaccan region. The displaying of the museum includes wide collection of artifacts, photographs, prints and other work pieces compiled by other historians. It is a three story building which includes three galleries and more than seven chambers. These chambers present the royal weaponries, halls, bands and other gifts of the royals. An ideal place of the students to benefit from their educational tour!

  • The A Formosa Fortress – The whole combination implies the word famous in Portuguese. It was built by the Portuguese during the 1500’s where the fortress has been a bigger part of the Malaysian history. The culture associated with the same has witnessed lots of changes which was invented by many foreign researchers. The view of magnificent ruins of the ancient structures will provide true glimpse of true Malaysian History.

  • The Stadthuys– It was the official residence of the Dutch Governors and other important officers. The whole structure reflects the associated values of the architecture designs associated with the Dutch and looks slightly different from other historical buildings. At present this place has become an Ethnographic Museum which is widely opened for public viewing. The displays associated with the Museum include bridal outfits, historical materials and the remaining of the ancient Malaccan items along with artifacts.

  • The Kampung Kling Mosque – One of the oldest mosques in Malacca in Malaysia. Built in the 18th Century by the Indian Muslims, it comprises of a Sumatran design along with a wooden roof which is three tiered. One of the reputed Historical sites in Malaysia which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world!

  • The Bukit China – The Bukit China is one of the oldest and largest Chinese cemeteries outside China. It is located in the northeast part of Malacca which comprises a vast number of graves in Bukit since 17th Century. This place has highly fascinated Historians and is known to among the best recognizable places in Malaysia.

  • The Cheng Hoon Teng – It is a Buddhist Temple located in Jalan in Malaysia. It is known to be one of the oldest operating temples in Malaysia. The mosque is highly spacious with numerous prayer halls. It also comprise of a 7 meter flag pole which is highly remarkable.

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Remarkable Touring Experience in Kuantan

Over all these years, Kuantan has modernized itself as one of the major hub in 
terms of commercial, economic & tourism. It is the capital of Pahang which is the 
third largest state in Malaysia. Due to its convenient access via sea, Kuantan has 
revolutionized the business of tourism. Several key reforms have taken place 
which are being actively implemented so that Kuantan could develop rapidly & 
compete with other modernized states of Malaysia. The government of Malaysia 
has taken key initiatives to improve the infrastructure of Kuantan such as 
implementing SEZ – Special Economic Zone projects to boost tourism sector in 
Kuantan. It is acknowledged as one of the cities with future growth potential along 
with prospective hub for trade & commerce due to its strategic location along the 
South China Sea. 
One of the major attraction in Kuantan are its magnificent beaches which acts as 
the prime relaxing spots for the tourists visiting Kuantan for the first time. The 
beach at Teluk Cempedak provides vacationers with exclusive view of the sea 
along with a fabulous experience with their families. Most of the vacationers stay at 
the resorts near the beach of Teluk Cempedak as it is one of the popular beaches 
among all of Kuantan. Some of the other popular beaches in Kuantan are Chenor, 
Cherating, Batu Hitam, Pantai Sepat etc. Kuantan is gifted with all range of 
attractions for its tourists. If you like you can bus from Singapore to Malacca too.
Most of the resorts in Kuantan offers some of the best deal packages at a 
reasonable rate. One of the remarkable attractions near Kuantan is the Snake 
Island which has some of the most venomous snakes in the world. These snakes 
can be found below the rocks in the island. The snake island is also known by the 
name of Pulau Ular located few kilometers away from Cherating. The deals offered 
by these resorts involve nominal charges which involves snorkeling, touring the 
snake island & scuba diving. Due to presence of venomous snakes in Pulau Ular, it 
is always advised to accompany someone while touring the island. The island is 
very small but the locals advise the tourists to maintain caution at all times. 
To mystify the minds of fellow tourists, legends are often associated with these 
places of attraction. The Pulau Ular or Snake Island involves legend about a 
princess & a prince. It is often said that the island is the renting ground for the 
princess as she was betrayed by her sister who turned her prince into a rock. 
However, some tourists do feel captivated by such tales but some prefer to explore 
the islands on their own along with local guides. Though, sometime is island is 
kept off limits during severe weather conditions. 
Some tourists prefer to explore the marine life by diving with expert professionals. 
However, tourists with weak swimming skills need not worry as the resort arranges 
snorkeling facility in four to five feet water. Moreover, all tourists at Kuantan enjoy 
up to the fullest as it is one of the booming tourism hub.